BRUSA boost e-drivetrains

Better drive-trains for third-generation electric vehicles are the target of a European Horizon 2020 project, headed by the French research lab Leti. Called ModulED, the three-year project will cover boosting drivetrain performance, improving manufacturing efficiency, reducing environmental impact and vehicle cost. The subjects include for example use of Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors, manufacturing motor magnets with reduced rare-earth...

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BRUSA is attending the 30th EVS

The 30th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS30) is taking place at the Messe Stuttgart from October 9th to11th. The EVS30 is the major meeting point of the entire electric mobility industry. Meet BRUSA`s experts at booth H12, get an update of our latest developments and discuss the trends in electric mobility with the E-Pioneers.

Join our expert for inductive charging, Mr. Lukas Böhler at the Dialogue Session in Hall 1 on October 10th...

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Successful ISO update

BRUSA Elektronik AG successfully passed the re-certification for the ISO-update 9001:2015 without deviations. The conversion to the revised standard ISO 9001:2015 has been implemented systematically and in accordance to the requirements. Leadership is the main focus of the revised standard. Leaders are considered accountable and knowledge is viewed as a resource.

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Fire truck of the future

During its 150th birthday celebrations, the Austrian fire service supplier Rosenbauer presented a concept study Concept Fire Truck. The study provides a foretaste of the fire truck of tomorrow. The Concept Truck is powered by a hybrid system, which was developed in a joint project with the Swiss company BRUSA Elektronik AG. The Concept Fire Truck embodies a completely new approach. It is a design study that focuses on the claim to provide the...

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BRUSA donates to electricians school

BRUSA Elektronik AG made a donation to Shanti-Switzerland for its involvement in Bangladesh. The project initiative built a school for electricians there in 2007, this provides a future for unemployed youth. Since then, over 80 electricians have been trained. Jakob Schaub, founder of Shanti-Switzerland accepted the donation gratefully: "We can make good use of the money because a lightening stroke destroyed some of our electronic equipment."...

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The Forze VII is unleashed

After months of hard work, it finally pays off: student team Forze from Delft University of Technology presents the new hydrogen race car of the future. The Forze VII was officially unveiled during the Gamma Racing Day in the Netherlands. In the car: BRUSA‘s DC/DC converter BDC546.
Tests are underway and the results are promising. It is extremely important that the car can cover long distances safely and meet all strict safety conditions of...

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Electric car creates world record

The Belgian Frederikvo has proved that one can go far with an electric car. He crossed seven countries with his Tesla Model S with only one battery charge. He utilized 75 kWh, which corresponds to approximately 1.28L / 100km. The start was at BRUSA Elektronik in Sennwald, Switzerland. From there he drove his fully charged Tesla via Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia to Croatia (a total of 585km). Frederikvo broke his first world...

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Performance upgrade of BRUSA's NLG664

BRUSA’s on board fast charger NLG664 is now available with 45-65 Hz input frequency and enhanced single phase current capability of 30 A. This provides a great flexibility for the worldwide use of our NLG664 on-board-charger.  Thanks to its performance upgrade the charger NLG664 can also be operated in countries with 60Hz mains frequency. The NLG664 is the world's first charger that allows the charging of a typical EV-battery in less than one...

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BRUSA experts speak at ECPE Workshop

The power electronics research network ECPE is organizing a workshop on power electronics for e-mobility. One focus will be the battery charging and grid interaction. Within this panel the experts from BRUSA will be speaking about “The future of charging in e-mobility”. They are giving an overview about the charging technology in general and the market trends. The highlight of this talk will give insights in the state of the art and outlook for i...

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Gruau ELECTRON II charges with BRUSA

For over ten years, the Gruau Group has been developing clean transportation solutions. Based on this experience, they have launched a 100% electric 3.5tons van called ELECTRON II. It charges with the charger NLG664 by BRUSA. The NLG664 is the world's first charger that allows the charging with 22 KW from 3-phase AC grid. With its ELECTRON II Gruau offers a battery charge time from 2 to 4 hours and a wide flexible range from 80 to 140km -...

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