NLG514 Air

NLG514 Air: 230 VAC/16 A, 700 VDC

Technical data

Range input voltage 100-264 V
Max. input current 16 A
Range input frequency 48-62 Hz
Range charging voltage 300-720 V
Max. charging current 9 A
Efficiency 93 %
Weight 6.3 kg

The NLG514 (air cooled) is probably the most proven and versatile 3.7 kW charger on the market. Through it's unprecedented flexibility it is suitable for almost all uses. With it's compact and robust design and low weight it is ideal for use in electric vehicles. The NLG514 is also available in water cooled version.


  • Galvanic insulation between mains and HV-battery, whereby optimal personal protection is ensured
  • Individually programmable allowing coverage of a large battery-voltage range
  • Automatic or CAN-controlled charging mode
  • Scaleable use by parallel connection of several NLG514
    (enables higher charging power up to 22 kW)
  • Intrinsically safe against short circuit, idling, polarity reversal and over-voltage
  • Upon request, already programmed for your specific battery

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