NLG667: 3x400 VAC/32 A, 700 VDC, 22 kW

Technical data

Input voltage range single-phase 200-250 V
Input voltage range three-phase 360-440 V
Max. input current three-phase (per Phase) 32 A
Input frequency (+/-1 %) 50 Hz
Output voltage at three-phase input 570-750 V
Max. charging current 35 A
Efficiency three-phase 94 %
Weight 12.0 kg

With the NLG667, BRUSA has set another milestone in e-mobility! The NLG667 is the world's first charger, that allows to charge a typical EV-battery in less than one hour from standard 3-phase AC grid. The charging speed has been increased six-fold thus. In addition to many technical highlights integrated by default, some optional future technologies like Smart Charge Communication are realizable. The NLG667 currently features a pre-series maturity level/prototype. If you are interested in our fast charger, we would be pleased to bring the product to a production maturity level with your support.

The NLG667 is a functional sample.


(for a maturity level product)
  • Full separation of mains and HV battery through galvanic Isolation
  • High IP protection rating
  • Evaluation of external PT1000 sensors
  • Fully compliant with the LV123
  • Ground fault interrupter type A is sufficient due to reinforced insulation

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