EVB1-350-40-HP: 350 VDC, 14 kWh, ≤ 600 A

Technical data

Energy content 14 kWh
Capacity (per cell) 40 Ah
Cell system Li-Ion
Number of Cells 96
Nominal voltage 350 V
Max. voltage 400 V
Min. voltage 290 V
Discharge cont. 320 A (112 kW)
Discharge peak (default derating) 600 A (210 kW)
Max. charging current 120 A (42 kW)
Control CAN-Bus (500 Kbit/s, 1 Mbit/s)
IP-protection IP65
Weight (without coolant) ca. 130 kg

The EVB1-HP was specially developed for vehicles with high performance requirements and is designed for fast and straightforward installation into any kind of electric and range extender vehicles. The integrated pre-charge unit and the CAN-bus connection ensures an easy integration into various kinds of drivetrains. The EVB1-HP can provide exceptionally high discharge currents and supplies a remarkable energy density at a very small frame size with low weight and a capacity of 14 kWh. With the integrated Battery Management System (BMS), all battery data is constantly monitored and makes the EVB1-HP a powerful and very safe power pack for your vehicle.


  • Integrated battery-management-system (BMS)
  • Fast measurement and monitoring of all cell voltages/temperatures
  • Ah counter with DoD-management
  • CAN-Bus controlled
  • Integrated charger control (NLG5)
  • Very high performance and energy density (1,6 kW/kg and 108 Wh/kg)
  • Water cooled for best Performance
  • Parallel connection of several EVB1 possible
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