400 V Li-Ion battery with 16 kWh capacity

The EVB1 is designed for fast and problem-free installation into any kind of electric- and range extender vehicles. The integrated pre-charge unit and the CAN-bus connection ensuring an easy integration into various kinds of drivetrains. The EVB1 can provide exceptionally high discharge currents and supplies a remarkable energy density at a very small frame size, low weight and a capacity of 16 kWh. Therefore, the EVB1 is also ideally suited for high performance applications. With the integrated Battery Management System (BMS), all battery data are constantly monitored and make the EVB1 to a powerful and very safe powerpack for your vehicle.

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  • Integrated battery-management-system (BMS)
  • Fast measurement and monitoring of all cellvoltages/temperatures
  • Ah counter with DoD-management
  • CAN-Bus controlled
  • Integrated charger control (NLG5)
  • Very high performance and energy density (1,1 kW/kg and 110 Wh/kg)
  • Watercooled for best Performance
  • Parallel connection of several EVB1 possible

Datasheet, manuals and other documents for EVB1-400-40 are here available.

Technical Characteristics:

Energy content 16 kWh
Capacity (per cell) 40 Ah
Technology Li-Ion
Number of cells 108
Nominal voltage 400 V
Max. voltage 448 V
Min. voltage 324 V
Discharge cont. 200 A (80 kW)
Discharge peak (default derating) 400 A (160 kW)
Max. Charging current 80 A (32 kW)
Control CAN-Bus (500 Kbit/s, 1 Mbit/s)
IP-protection IP65
Weight (without coolant) ca. 145 kg