LAMPO3 is the third sports EV prototype realised by Protoscar, the first company worldwide having developed three generations of 4WD sporty EVs within three years. After more than 30 000 kilometers “lessons learned” with its predecessors LAMPO and LAMPO2, tested by more than 500 different drivers (mostly OEM’s engineers) on European roads and test tracks, Protoscar’s highly specialised staff made its dream become truth: the purpose designed 2+2 coupĂ© LAMPO3.


Purpose Designed Chassis
LAMPO3 is an electric sports car with purpose designed lightweight chassis that impressively shows uncompromised CleanCar design and engineering competences:

1) For the first time a pure electric 2+2 coupé features a chassis specifically built around the electric components, unlike most OEMs’ EV-chassis, which are adapted from internal combustion versions. LAMPO3 is the worldwide first pure electric sports car being a 2+2 seater and providing enough luggage space and optimised ergonomics.

2) The light weight chassis carries actively cooled batteries, optimally positioned in the central tunnel to improve drive dynamics, safety and pay load.

3) Three motors - of which two on the rear axle and one on the front axle - allow an improved dynamic behaviour of the car and an optimised torque vectoring, not only between front and rear axles, but also between the two rear wheels (the motors actively drive on different adapted RPMs for instance in curves, where the inner wheel turns slower than the outer wheel).

Technical Description and Top Performances
LAMPO3 has three electric motors (in fact becoming a four-wheel drive with variable torque between front and rear axle for optimal handling, safety and efficiency) with a total output of 420 kW (equivalent to 550 HP), 900 Nm and 32 kWh of Lithium-Ion battery capacity. LAMPO3 features real sports-car performances: 4.5 seconds for accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h, 220 km / h of max. speed, and 200 km of range. More than enough energy for driving throughout the whole year is produced by a remote solar plant, allowing a real zero-emission drive.

As the first two LAMPO prototypes, LAMPO3 impressively demonstrates that from a pure performance point of view (acceleration, torque, overtaking, speed, efficiency) pure E-drive is the solution not only for city cars, but for all other types of vehicles including premium segment cars (the only segment, through which new technologies have been introduced into the market successfully so far). The real performance of LAMPO3 will be demonstrated on different test tracks during the year 2011 by the winner of the 2010 GT1 24 hours of LeMans, Mr. Gabriele Gardel. Catch him … if you can!

For the first time a LAMPO concept could be produced in a micro-series for public customers such as companies involved in the EV development, entities dealing with the promotion of EVs and private enthusiasts.

Charging Modes
LAMPO3 is equipped with the new BRUSA on-board charger NLG6 allowing up to a 22kW of charging power. Therefore LAMPO3 can be charged with every kind of power actually on the market: from a standard single-phase 10 A plug, up to a three-phase 32A for charging at industrial plugs (fleet users).
Moreover LAMPO3 has an interface for DC fast charging based on CHAdeMO standard ( With LAMPO3 different infrastructure solutions will be tested and evaluated.