NLG664 - On-Board-Fast Charger

22 kW Fast Charger

With the NLG664 Brusa has set another milestone in e-mobility! The NLG664 is the world's first charger, that allows to charge a standard HV-battery in less than one hour at any conventional household connectors with three phases. The charging speed has also been increased six-fold.
In addition to many integrated technical default-highlights, some optional future technologies like Smart Charge Communication are realizable.

Let us convince you from the numerous application possibilities of this groundbreaking device and start up into the future of e-mobility with our NLG664!


  • Full separation of mains and HV battery through galvanic isolation Complies to automotive standards such as IEC 61851-1
  • Meets all EMC requirements
  • No DC-fault current, therefore the use of a Class A
    leakage circuit breaker is possible
  • Compatible to all combined charging systems
  • 2 x CAN interface: Vehicle CAN and Diagnostic CAN
  • Battery-friendly high power charging due to low battery ripple current
  • Enhanced temperature handling and maximum performance through patented Liquid Pin© cooling-technology and integrated power factor correction


Prepared for the future

The NLG664 generates virtually no Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). It even filters out network problems! The illustrated DSO measurement shows how low they are. For this reason, the simultaneous charging of several NLG6 on a grid connection works fine. With this charger, an electric vehicle is ready for the future and can be used without risk in large numbers.

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Technical Characteristics:

Input voltage range single-phase 200-250 V
Input voltage range three-phase 360-440 V
Max. input current three-phase (per Phase) 32 A
Input frequency (+/-1%) 50 Hz
Charging voltage single-phase NLG664 200-450 V
Charging voltage three-phase NLG664 310-430 V
Max. charging current 60 A
Efficiency three-phase >94%
Weight 12.0 kg