Silvretta E-Rallye: Rank 3 Lampo - Rank 7 Golf REX

Two teams of BRUSA/Protoscar were starting at the 2nd Silvretta E-Rallye. One team with the new 420 kW strong Lampo3 and the other team with the also new BRUSA Golf REX (Range Extender). 33 teams were...More


BRUSA belongs to the 100 electrifying companies

The US magazine "Automotive News" puts Josef Brusa on its list of the "Electrifying 100"More


Sun-Car Rollout at ETH Zurich

BRUSA and ETH ZurichMore


With BRUSA components 420 kW output in the new LAMPO

Today, May 11 the new LAMPO will be presentedMore


BRUSA delivers charger for the Electro-Caddy Maxi

The Electro-Caddy Maxi of Volkswagen is equipped with three BRUSA battery chargers of 3.3 kW each. The car was presented at the Hannover exhibition recently. The large test fleet will be used in cooperation with some...More


Fully electric around the world

The Qashqai Electric is the first fully electric car driving around the world - with BRUSA chargers on board!More


Zerorace after 80 days successfully finished

Equipped with BRUSA technology, the Zero-Tracer completed successfully the around the world race on 24. February 2011 in Geneva.More

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