BRUSA and E-FORCE are the big winners at the eCarTec Awards 2013!

The eCarTec Award 2013 is the Bavarian State Prize for Electric Mobility. The awards were presented as part of the international trade fair for electric mobility and hybrid vehicles – eCarTec Munich 2013 – at a celebratory awards ceremony on the evening of 15 October at Messe München where the trade fair is being held. The high-profile jury shortlisted not just one, but three BRUSA innovations. The new ICS inductive charging system and the E-FORCE electric truck beat off stiff competition to be crowned winners in their particular categories.

BRUSA ICS – Compact Inductive Charging System with integrated power electronics
Winner in the category: Energy, Infrastructure, Connection Technology

Experts agree that in the future, electric vehicles will be charged wirelessly and that this will result in a further reduction in sticking points surrounding e-mobility thanks to this increase in convenience. It's a trend many manufacturers have spotted so they're developing inductive charging systems. BRUSA Elektronik AG is renowned for its conductive chargers and has now developed an inductive charging system. It differs from familiar systems thanks in particular to its compact construction and will set new benchmarks in the area of induction charging.

The new system only comprises a floor and vehicle plate – the required power electronics are already integrated. Current inductive charging systems comprise two current coils: a primary coil located on the floor or, for instance, embedded in the road, and a secondary coil on the underside of the vehicle. The primary side also includes a wall box which contains the power electronics and which supplies the primary coil. On top of this, other functions are required such as for foreign object and living object detection. On the vehicle side, besides the secondary coil an additional module is also required containing a power control unit, AC/DC converter and other communication components.

Thanks to its many years of experience in the area of power electronics, BRUSA has managed to integrate all the modules and functions into the coil housings which means the ICS only comprises two components.

Besides space and cost savings, this brings additional benefits such as a vast improvement in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as there is no longer any need for metres of HF cabling between the wall box and primary coil. This also makes it really easy to install the floor plate in the end customer's garage as it can simply be connected to the home's fused power supply (230 volts/16 amps). What's more, as the entire floor plate weighs less than 20kg the end customer can also handle it with ease. Automakers also benefit from much shorter production and vehicle-integration times as the OEM only has to install one component into the vehicle: the fully-integrated secondary unit.

The Inductive Charging System (ICS) from BRUSA has been developed for everyday use and incorporates various safety features such as foreign-object detection and living-object detection.  The charging system activates automatically as soon as the vehicle is in the correct position, with the vehicle and floor plate communicating over the wireless LAN standard 802.11p. The floor plate also offers advanced connectivity via a PLC. The overall system is also impressive with a high efficiency level of approx. 92% making it just as efficient as conductive charging systems.

"Despite the stiff competition, the jury chose the BRUSA inductive charging system as this solution is already one step ahead [of plug-in charging systems] and it does all this in a really compact way," emphasised Dr. Karlhorst Klotz, jury member and editor-in chief of Mobility 2.0, at the eCarTec Award ceremony.

For further information on our Inductive Charging System (ICS), visit our stand at eCarTec 2013. We're there until 17 October in Hall A6, Stand 505.

 E-FORCE – Electric 18-tonne truck for regional and city goods distribution
Winner in the category: Electric Vehicle: Commercial Vehicle

Under the slogan 'The better truck' (Der bessere Lastwagen), another milestone has been passed in the history of e-mobility with the launch of the new 'E-FORCE' electric truck. With the assistance of LithiumStorage and Designwerk GmbH, the recently founded company E-FORCE ONE AG builds the electric truck and was able to acquire customers such as the brewery Feldschlösschen and the food retailer Coop which already have the first E-FORCE trucks in their fleets or will start soon. While the E-FORCE may be around twice as expensive as a conventional truck, it pays for itself very quickly thanks to its extremely low running costs.

Each new E-FORCE truck uses two BRUSA electric motors, controllers and chargers as well as a DC converter. BRUSA Elektronik AG was selected thanks to its long-standing system expertise and the associated reliability of its components.

For further information on the E-FORCE truck, visit www.eforce.ch. You can also visit us at eCarTec 2013 in Hall A6, Stand 505.

BRUSA SSM1 – Current Excited Synchronous Motor with inductive rotor power transmission
in the category: Drive Technology, System Electrics, Testing Systems

The new current excited synchronous motor from BRUSA Elektronik AG does away completely with rare earths as the magnetic field is generated electrically within the rotor. The rotor power required to do this is not transmitted via brushes, but inductively so transmission is wear-free. Besides this raw-material independence the SSM also offers the advantage in that not only the stator but also the rotor field can be controlled, meaning the motor always operates at maximum efficiency at every operating point.

For further information on the SSM1, visit our Homepage. You can also visit us at eCarTec 2013 in Hall A6, Stand 505.

The eCarTec Award

As the Bavarian State Prize for Electric Mobility, the eCarTec Award has developed over the years into a coveted award of global standing for companies involved in any part of the electro-mobility value chain. This year's jury comprises the following experts: Martin Altepost (TÜV Süd Automotive GmbH), Dr. Christian Cornelissen (VDE-Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH), Dr. Karlhorst Klotz (Mobility 2.0), Dr. Reinhard Kolke (ADAC e.V.), Robert Metzger (MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH), Prof. Markus Lienkamp (Technische Universität München), Prof. Josef Nassauer (Bayern Innovativ GmbH), Thomic Ruschmeyer (BSM Bundesverband Solare Mobilität e.V.) and Markus Schöttle (ATZ Elektronik).

BRUSA Elektronik AG has already had a successful entry at the eCarTec Awards back in 2011. At the time, its NLG6 22-kW fast charger was one of 60 submissions. It ultimately went on to win the award in the Energy, Infrastructure, Connection Technology category.