BRUSA is launching the "Swiss Electric Mobility Award"

BRUSA Elektronik AG together with the «Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility» is launching an international sponsorship award for outstanding projects in the field of electric mobility. The award is dedicated to Arno Mathoy, an innovator of modern electric mobility development and the Chief Technical Officer at BRUSA Elektronik AG for more than 20 years. The following organizations have confirmed their support so far: Protoscar, the Touring Club Switzerland, the Swiss Mobility Academy as well as BRUSA itself.

The international community of electric mobility promoters owes much to the works of Arno Mathoy, who had dedicated almost his entire professional life to the development of advanced electric propulsion systems. As a brilliant engineer and engaging visionary, Arno Mathoy was able to create a bridge between science and politics and, throughout his career, enthuse politicians and young engineers alike with his innovative ideas and charisma.
Born in Austria in 1963, Arno Mathoy moved after his years at university to Switzerland, one of the pioneering countries in electric mobility. As the CTO of BRUSA he took an active role in providing the technological foundations for the recent progress in electric car manufacturing across Europe. Not only are his drive-train designs powering many of today's electric cars, he also helped to reinforce Switzerland’s reputation as a fertile ground for the development of various electric mobility products and services. On December 30th, 2011, Arno Mathoy died unexpectedly due to a cardiac-arrest during one of his much beloved ski trips.

In honor of his work and life, BRUSA, with the support of some key Swiss players in electric mobility has now established the «Swiss Electric Mobility Award» This award will be officially announced at the 3rd Congress of the «Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility» which takes place from the 7th to 8th of February 2012. The Award will be given for the first time in 2013 to young scientists and start-up enterprises that develop projects and business ideas that are expected to have a high multiplication factor. These projects can serve a broad area including education or technological innovation. The official call for proposals will be published in the course of this year.

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