3.7 kW On-Board Charger: Get a Quote now!

Galvanic isolation between the grid and the HV battery by means of an integrated HF transformer / HV interlock functionality to detect interrupted harness connections / Resonant topology for excellent EMC results / Standard CAN communication guarantees seamless integration into the vehicle systems / Reliable communication between car and charging infrastructure implemented by wake on CAN and control pilot functionality / 4 digital outputs, which of 3 can be programmed to control auxiliary devices such as relays, LED or fans / 2 digital inputs which for example can be to override power settings externally

The award-winning Swiss manufacturer of power electronics for EVs is ramping up its production capacities for the famous NLG5 charger family. The NLG5 charger from BRUSA Elektronik AG ranks among the most popular on board chargers for EVs around the globe. With a rated power of 3.7 kW it is capable to operate in almost any voltage scenario and configuration. More than once the NLG5 has travelled around the globe in various vehicles such as the Zero Tracer or the Moto Mundo expedition car without any failures. With a long list of standard features like the HV interlock detection or the CAN communication, the NLG5 is the right choice for OEM as well as for professional retrofit applications. The charger is also available with air and liquid cooling to meet your requirements. We are now ramping up our production to meet the high demand and maintain our short delivery times to get your EV leading the charge! Contact us to receive your personal offer now! Send us your inquiry to: support@brusa.biz

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