BRUSA enters a new dimension of charging!

Starting this month, BRUSA Elektronik AG will be the first company to produce a battery charger for electric vehicles that is capable of operating on a three-phase current with a power of up to 22 kW. Thereby, the fast charger will be able to fully charge a typical electric car in less than one hour. Cars from a major European car manufacturer equipped with this charger will be available to customers for the first time by end of this year.

 A Proven Track Record of Competence and Quality
Since its foundation in 1985, BRUSA Elektronik AG has been exclusively developing and producing powerful and highly efficient power electronics and motors for electric vehicles. Many reputable car makers are amongst the customers of the Swiss technology firm, directly benefiting from BRUSA’s long-standing experience of engineering electric drivetrains. Their recent project with Volvo is just one example. As part of Volvos electrification strategy BRUSA successfully delivered more than 250 complete drivetrain sets that are now powering the Volvo C30 Electric fleet. BRUSA also gained a reputation as a supplier of versatile on-board chargers. In the past ten years thousands of electric cars have been equipped with chargers from BRUSA. And with the development of its new fast charger, BRUSA is once again leading the way in charging technology. BRUSA is the first supplier to be able to offer a 22 kW charger that fully complies with the stringent standards of the automotive industry.

A New Era of Fast Charging Has Begun
The new fast charger NLG6 from BRUSA Elektronik AG is the world’s first charger that operates on three-phase supplies and is small enough to be fitted on-board an electric car. “It was a big challenge to increase the power of our chargers by six times and not overly exceed the dimensions of standard chargers,” highlights Philipp Matt, Head of Engineering at BRUSA. The new NLG6 operates siix times faster than today's on-board chargers and thus reducing the charging time of a typical electric car to less than one hour. “We believe that through the immense reduction of the charging time, the acceptance of emobility will noticeably change,” Matt says.

Charging Infrastructure Goes On-Board
Two factors determine the charging time of an electric car: the size of the battery and the power of the charger. While the battery size varies depending on the type of electric car, the on-board chargers in Europe normally operate with a maximum power of 3.7 kW. Thus the charging times range typically between 6-8 hours. Until now, fast charging with the power of 22 kW and above was only possible by using off-board DC charging infrastructure requiring extensive space and expense. In its new fast charger NLG6, BRUSA Elektronik AG has successfully integrated the required power electronics in a single and compact device that moves the fast charging infrastructure on-board electric cars of any size. The fast charger itself requires no cost-intensive off-board infrastructure but can generally be used at all three-phase power supplies. Modern house connections and most public charging points are already equipped with the required power supply of 400 volt and 32 ampere. Of course, the fast charger can also be used with lower rated power sources (e.g. 3.7 kW).

The Safest Way to Charge
During the fast charger’s three-year development, the main focus was always on its safety properties. Like with all BRUSA chargers of the former NLG5 generation, the fast charger NLG6 also comes with safety measures including the principle of galvanic isolation to ensure maximum safety for the user in case of a hazard, such as damaged high-voltage connections. Because BRUSA chargers do not harness existing components such as the controller’s power electronics or parts of the motor itself to charge the battery as seen in other applications, a definite separation between the car and the grid is provided. As a result of this, all safety-related standards and EMC requirements from both worlds are met. Above all, the NLG6 has successfully been tested by the VDE association on its CE conformity and behaves towards ground fault protection devices according to regulations.

Fit for the Future
The outstanding power density of 1.9 kW/kg makes the new fast charger one of the most efficient devices on the market. Although the NLG6 is a very compact device it offers innovative and cutting-edge features. Using the PLC technology, the fast charger is able to communicate through the charging cable and thus enabling various functionalities such as internet connectivity (e.g. when mobile network is not available) or intelligent charging (Smart Charge Communication according to ISO15118). To be able to compensate for the increased availability of renewable energy sources and decentralised power production, grid stabilising measures will gain importance in the future. The NLG6 is well prepared to bring stability into the grid with intelligent features such as idle and peak power regulation and bidirectional operation.

Strong Partner Towards Large-Scale Production
BRUSA Elektronik AG is in its final preparations to start the large-scale production of the new fast charger. Cars equipped with the BRUSA fast charger will be available to the customers in October 2012. Not only commercial but also private users will benefit from the new fast charger and will be surprised by the unfamiliar freedom it will offer to the electric car driver - the fast charger renews 150 Kilometer of range in less than one hour! After the successful start of the large-scale production of the fast charger it will be available to small manufacturers and projects from the first quarter 2013.

A Welcome Guest at Trade Fairs
Presented for the first time at the leading trade fair for electric mobility “eCarTec 2011”, the fast charger NLG6 was certainly one of the most important innovations at the fair. The jury of the eCarTec Award shared this opinion and awarded the NLG6 out of more than 60 applicants in the category for energy, infrastructure and connection technology. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a look at the new fast charger and the BRUSA products and visit us from 10th to 12th of October 2012 at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg. You will find us in hall 4 at stand 410!