"There is a bit of BRUSA in every electric car."

Josef Brusa, founder of Brusa Elektronik AG


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because ..




The founder of BRUSA Elektronik, Josef Brusa, already thought about how to use his newly acquired engineering skills during his studies. The most important motivation: it should not only be interesting but also meaningful. Josef Brusa's goal was to develop components for solar and electric vehicles and solar energy systems.

Today, BRUSA Elektronik AG develops and produces technologies and products, of which the company is convinced of their long-term benefits for the environment and society. BRUSA operates exclusively in the civil sector. BRUSA Elektronik AG takes its corporate responsibility seriously. The code of conduct regulates relationships both within the company and externally. BRUSA employees undertake to comply with this code of conduct.

Our society is more than 80 percent dependent on non-renewable resources, which also endanger the climate. Mobility scores particularly badly because it consumes a third of the resources and this with an extremely poor efficiency of less than 20 percent. But this is also the solution. Electric drives are several factors more efficient and enable the use of renewable and domestic energy for our mobility. Intelligent implementations also save a lot of valuable material such as rare earths. Copper and aluminum can be recycled. Only such solutions can be implemented in large numbers in the future without creating new resource bottlenecks.

The company BRUSA Elektronik AG focuses on applications in the field of electric mobility. Josef Brusa, President of the Board of Directors, is convinced: "The future of mobility is electric. We have been working towards this since BRUSA was founded and now the technology is about to make a decisive breakthrough. "


BRUSA Elektronik AG looks at one 36-year company history back. The past few years have been shaped by trend-setting ideas in the field of electric mobility.


Our customers place the highest demands on the quality, reliability and functionality of our products. We at BRUSA are aware of this responsibility.

Our employees play a key role in the implementation of these attributes. With their commitment and innovative strength, they represent the engine of our company.

A quality management system that has been installed since 2002 forms the basis of our daily activities ISO 9001 . Further processes in the automotive industry support us in our approach and in cooperation with our customers.

To ensure the success of our products, we involve our suppliers intensively. They accompany us in the development process, contribute their production know-how and master the challenges posed with us. As partners, our suppliers adhere to the requirements.


BRUSA HyPower AG and BRUSA Elektronik AG have a code of conduct for employees and business partners. It is expected that this code of conduct is known and followed.

If you, as a business partner or employee, observe or suspect violations of the BRUSA Code of Conduct, please report this to the email address compliance@brusa.biz. Your message will be processed confidentially and anonymously if you wish.

Employees can also report complaints relating to the protection of personal integrity directly to the file named in Guideline RL_122.

Here you can find the link to the BRUSA Code of Conduct (Guideline RL_123).


If you as a supplier would like to offer services in one of the following procurement areas of BRUSA Elektronik AG, please contact us.

Procurement areas

metal Engine / gear Cable / accessories
Resources service Operating expenses
Connectors plastic Electronic assemblies / EMS
electronics Fasteners Printed circuit boards
Winding goods Power modules


Please send us a self-assessment in advance so that a BRUSA buyer can contact you directly.

In addition, depending on the area, additional contracts are necessary in order to include you as a supplier in the BRUSA supplier management. During the approval process, BRUSA employees from Purchasing and Quality will contact you in order to conclude appropriate contracts with you.


We're here to help: purchasing@brusa.biz


Our philosophy is based on a broad network of partners. You too can be part of it.