2015 - 30 years BRUSA Elektronik AG

BRUSA Elektronik AG looks back on 30 years of company history. The past few years have been characterized by trendsetting ideas in the field of electric mobility.


2013 - Start of development wireless charging

As one of the first BRUSA Elektronik AG starts to develop a system for the wireless charging on behalf of two major European car manufacturers.


2012 - Series development of the first fast charger

BRUSA’s fast charger, NLG6, is the world's first charger which can be operated with three-phase power connections, and can at the same time be easily installed directly in the electric car. With a charging capacity of 22 kW, the charging rate is, subject to vehicle, >100 km/h.


2010 - The company building in Sennwald

The company building is complete. BRUSA Elektronik AG now has an extensive infrastructure for the development of power electronics, environmental testing and numerous drive test-rigs for up to a power of 1000 kW. The production plant is designed for quantities of up to ten thousand units per year.


2002 - Transformation into a stock corporation

The sole proprietorship BRUSA Elektronik is converted into a joint stock company BRUSA Elektronik AG. The aim is primarily greater flexibility for employee participation. The company moves to a much larger site near Sennwald.

BRUSA Elektronik AG acquires the ISO9001 quality certification.


1998 - Development 60 kW DC/DC Converters

BRUSA Elektronik develops a 60 kW DC / DC converter. This is mainly used in fuel cell vehicles.


1992 - 1995 - Development new products

Among other things, BRUSA Elektronik develops a highly efficient charger with a microprocessor. The AC drive receives more power (up to 34 kW at 180 VDC) and is now also controlled by a microprocessor.


1990 - Arno Mathoy boosts BRUSA Elektronik

Arno Mathoy, Dipl. Ing. TUG, joins the BRUSA team and develops, among other things, a highly efficient Maximum Power Tracker with 99 percent effectiveness.


1988 - Axel Krause joins BRUSA Elektronik

Axel Krause leaves Landis & Gyr and starts working for BRUSA Elektronik. A three-phase drive with high efficiency and high performance is developed. BRUSA’s first three-phase drives have a peak power of 12 kW at 120 V.


1987 - Axel Krause wins Tour de Sol

Axel Krause, Dipl. Phys. ETHZ, develops a special synchronous drive and wins the Tour de Sol up to Arosa. This paves the way for three-phase drives in electric vehicles.


1985 - Founding of BRUSA Elektronik

Today's electric car industry has its origins in the Tour de Sol, which was first conceived in 1985 to promote the thermal use of solar energy. This is the moment when BRUSA Elektronik appears on the scene. BRUSA’s aim is to develop components for solar and electric vehicles and solar energy systems.


1980 - Preparations for the founding of the company by Josef Brusa

Josef Brusa already began thinking about his future activity while he was studying. The most important motivation: it should be not only interesting but also meaningful. Shortly after the first big oil crisis it was natural to seek this meaningfulness in the energy sector. Josef Brusa came into contact with the new solar car scene and began to develop electronic circuits for these people.