Driven by responsibility

Josef Brusa began thinking about his future activity while he was still studying. His most important motivation: it should not only be interesting but also meaningful. He founded the company BRUSA Elektronik. Josef Brusa‚Äôs aim was to develop components for solar and electric vehicles and solar energy systems.

Today BRUSA only develops technologies and manufactures products, with long-term benefits for the environment and society, which the company is convinced of. BRUSA Elektronik AG serves only the civil sector. BRUSA Elektronik AG takes corporate citizenship very seriously.The Code of Conduct sets out the standard for relations with people inside and outside the company. The employees of BRUSA commit themselves to abide by this code.

Conserve resources

Our society depends on non-renewable resources to over 80 percent, this also endangers the climate and environment. The mobility features especially badly because it consumes a third of the resources, and this with an extremely low efficiency of below 20 percent. However, mobility is also the solution. Electric drives are many times more efficient and enable the use of renewable and domesticly produced energy for our mobility. Intelligent solutions also save a lot of valuable resources such as rare earths. Copper and aluminium can be recycled. Only such solutions can be implemented in the future in large quantities without generating new resource bottlenecks.

Future electric mobility

BRUSA Elektronik AG  focuses on applications in the field of electric mobility. Josef Brusa, President of the Management Board, is convinced: "The future of mobility is electric. We have been working towards this since the establishment of BRUSA and now the technology is facing the decisive breakthrough."