Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hybrid FuelCELL

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid is manufactured by German commercial vehicle manufacturers Mercedes-Benz. The fuel cell bus hybrid drive is based on the successful  Citaro bus. It differs from the previous series by a serial hybrid drive. The drive takes place via two electric wheel hub motors on the rear axle, with each generating maximum 80 kW. The centerpiece is the 396 single cells, each consisting of two module fuel cells with a total output of 120 kW. In all Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hybrid FuelCELL the DC converter BDC546 by BRUSA has been used.

In the course of funding various research  projects such as the Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid the practicality of fuel cell drive in local public transport will be thoroughly tested.