Commercial vehicles

Electric Truck E-FORCE

Under the motto "The better trucks," another milestone of electric mobility was launched with the new electric truck "E-FORCE". Thanks to the long-standing system of competence BRUSA Elektronik AG ensures optimum coordination and reliability of the components used in the E-FORCE truck by two electric motors HSM1-10.18.13, DMC534 inverter and chargers NLG664, and a DC converter BSC624-12V.

E-FORCE ONE AG builds the electric 18-ton truck for  regional and municipal retailers. The company has already won clients such as Feldschlösschen and Coop, who have E-FORCE trucks in their fleets.



Iveco Daily Electric

With the  electrically powered version of the model New Daily Iveco comes an important milestone in the automotive industry. The Italian company Iveco has chosen Swiss quality for the charger in its electric powered transporter. The BRUSA charger has been installed in both the the 3.5t and 5t versions of the  Iveco Daily. The NLG513 (3.7kW) is fitted as standard charger and NLG664 (22kW) is offered as a quick-charge option. The project was in collaberation with Ofira Italiana Srl, the Italian distributor of BRUSA Elektronik AG.



First Electric excavator

As part of the focus project SUNCAR (ETH Zurich, NTB Buchs,industry), the first electric excavator was developed. An electric Excavator needs an enormous battery to be sufficiently powerful. In the autumn of 2014 the machine was successfully tested in a Biotope forest without generating the usual noise. The machine utilised renewable energy. Thanks to the greater Efficiency of the electric drive it requires three times less energy than conventional excavators. The goal is to achieve a factor of five and with a 15-ton excavator, which operates over eight hours in electric mode. BRUSA provided the fast charger NLG664 for this exciting and innovative project. The demand is so great that the NTB Buchs is cooperating with a dredging company on the first prototypes.