Recreational vehicles


The Zerotracer is an electrically driven cabin motorcycle, which also offers the comfort of a car and the riding experience of a motorcycle. Due to its high aerodynamic efficiency (Cd value 0.18) and the extremely powerful electric drive, the hybrid synchronous motor HSM1-6.17.12 by BRUSA, the Zerotracer is faster from 0-100 km/h than a Porsche 911 and can theoretically reach speeds in excess of 300 km/h (electronically limited at present to 240 km/h). Thanks to the high-performance battery EVB1-400-40 the Zerotracer has a range of over 300km with a single charge. The quick charging of the battery (80 percent) with the charger NLG513 by BRUSA takes less than 30 minutes, a full charge phase under two hours.

2010/2011, this vehicle circumnavigated of the globe in record time during the Zero Emission Race. All BRUSA components proved reliable under these rigorous conditions, even extreme voltage fluctuations in exotic countries could not put the charger out of sync. Another discovery: Electricity is available all over the world!