Bidirectional DC/DC Converter HV/HV

BDF624 - 200 A, 150-450 V

The Bidirectional DC/DC Converter (BDF624) of BRUSA is currently being planned with a common plus potential for the left and the right side. As a result of the design as full bridge converter, output voltages can be achieved that are higher or lower than the input voltage. Due to the overlapping voltage range and its unrestricted bidirectional operation, the Bidirectional DC/DC Converter offers unreached versatility for all stationary and mobile high voltage applications. One of the main fields of application are fuel cell systems, in which the converter acts as a link between fuel cell and HV battery or drive. The bidirectional operation allows to start-up the fuel cell auxiliary circuits. It operates as a full bridge converter with current link. The converter is based on two phases which work interleaved in order to reduce ripple current. It employs a coupled choke in order to achieve optimal performance. The control of the power semiconductors is realized with the resonant SoftSwing® topology, so that losses can be limited to a minimum and excellent EMC properties can be achieved.

The Bidirectional DC/DC Converter is a theoretical concept study. We look forward to developing the concept further with your support.

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