Bidirectional DC/DC Converter HV/LV

BSC648 - 400 A, 400-850 V, 24 V

The Bidirectional DC/DC Converter is currently being planned and will be the strongest one of BRUSA's BSC family with 11 kW. It's a converter with galvanic isolation between the high voltage and the low voltage circuit. Due to the high performance, it is ideally tailored to the needs of the commercial vehicle sector. The converter can be used in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. In buck mode the 24 V wiring system is supplied from the HV side with a current up to 400 A. Due to the bidirectionality and its versatile configuration options, the converter has a wide range of applications.

The Bidirectional DC/DC Converter is a theoretical concept study. We look forward to developing the concept further with your support.

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