Current Excited Synchronous Motor

SSM1-6.17.10 - 160 kW, 290 Nm

The Current Excited Synchronous Motor (SSM1-6.17.10) of BRUSA is the future technology in traction drives. Due to the complete abandonment of permanent magnets (rare earth), high cost savings and hence market independence could be achieved. At the same time, this motor offers all the benefits of the Hybrid Synchronous Motor, moreover, with a very respectable performance. The Synchronous Motor offers a high and continuous starting torque. From a speed of 6'000 rpm on the motor offers constant performance and maximum speed. Therefore it is ideally suited for electric vehicles to achieve a high start acceleration and high top speeds with no gearbox.

The Current Excited Synchronous Motor is a functional sample. We look forward to developing the concept further with your support.  Are you interested? Please email us at: