High-speed Converter

DMC714G - 40 kW, 100 A

The High-speed Converter (DMC714G) of BRUSA is ideal for controlling different motor types. For example, the inverter may be used in the control of Turbo Compressors, Generators and Range Extenders.
This power amplifier is based on the most powerful and resonant SoftSwing® topology, which has been developed and patented by BRUSA Elektronik AG. Thanks to SoftSwing® this new inverter is reaching minimum switching losses. The Soft Swing® topology is embedded in a permanent mold module meeting the highest standards demanded by the automotive industry. By using this special technology, it is possible to drive engines with up to 3 kHz motor frequency.

The High-speed Converter is at the A-sample stage. We look forward to developing the concept further with your support.

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