BRUSA experts speak at ECPE Workshop

The power electronics research network ECPE is organizing a workshop on power electronics for e-mobility. One focus will be the battery charging and grid interaction. Within this panel the experts from BRUSA will be speaking about “The future of charging in e-mobility”. They are giving an overview about the charging technology in general and the market trends. The highlight of this talk will give insights in the state of the art and outlook for i...

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Gruau ELECTRON II charges with BRUSA

For over ten years, the Gruau Group has been developing clean transportation solutions. Based on this experience, they have launched a 100% electric 3.5tons van called ELECTRON II. It charges with the charger NLG664 by BRUSA. The NLG664 is the world's first charger that allows the charging with 22 KW from 3-phase AC grid. With its ELECTRON II Gruau offers a battery charge time from 2 to 4 hours and a wide flexible range from 80 to 140km -...

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eRod of Kyburz drives with BRUSA

The eRod is a puristic street-legal sports car built by Kyburz. In the prototype of eRod Race with an output power of 150 kW, the Swiss company has used a complete set of components from BRUSA Elektronik. These include the drivetrain unit DTSO1-096 with the motor HSM1-10.18.13, the inverter DMC534, the charger NLG664 and the DC/DC converter BSC624. Uncompromising in terms of technology and driving behavior, the eRod offers passionate motorists...

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evolaris relies on BRUSA technology

The aim of the project evolaris is to develop a motorized aerobatic aircraft with electric drive. For the construction of the prototype, evolaris uses a self-developed motor and complements this with two DMC534 inverters and the NLG664 charger from BRUSA Elektronik. With the realization of a prototype, the project managers Patrick Wälti and Steven Dünki are one step closer to their objective. The two former students of the Bern University of...

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Josef Brusa referiert zur elektrischen Mobilität an der Universität St.Gallen

Im Rahmen der öffentlichen Vorlesungsreihe „Gesellschaft - Regionale Innovationen mit internationaler Ausstrahlung“ der Universität St.Gallen hält Josef Brusa, CEO BRUSA Elektronik AG eine Vorlesung zum Thema „Mobilität – In Zukunft elektrisch".

Termin: 6. April 2016, 20.15 bis 21.45 Uhr

Ort: Universität St.Gallen, Dufourstrasse 50, 9000 St.Gallen, Raum HSG 01-011

Weitere Informationen zum Besuch einer öffentlichen Vorlesung finden Sie hier.


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Relaunch of the BRUSA website

BRUSA Elektronik AG has optimized the structure of its website The updated BRUSA site provides prospective customers with detailed information about its products and services, an overview of the most important areas of application as well as extensive information about the BRUSA Elektronik AG company. Whether as a potential customer, supplier or job seeker - you will find the right way to us via the menu „contact“. Members of the...

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World’s first hydrogen race-car beats electric lap record

Students of the University of Technology Delft have broken the electric lap record on the Circuit of Zandvoort  (Netherlands) with the Forze VI which runs on hydrogen. The previous record was set by a Tesla Roadster three years ago. The student team has unofficially beaten the previous record by 5.5 seconds which shows the potential of hydrogen-electric technology. The Forze VI is using BRUSA‘s DC/DC converter BDC546, which was handling...

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SUNCAR iSUV with BRUSA components

The project SUNCAR Steer by Wire from ETH Zurich focuses to the conversion of a BMW X5 to electric individual wheel drive with torque vectoring. Specifically, the implementation of a steer-by-wire control. BRUSA Elektronik is project partner and supplies the following components for the electric BMW X5: the double offset traction drive DTDO1, two inverter DMC534, a DC/DC converter BSC624 and the charger NLG664. More about the project Suncar Steer...

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Upcoming Events: BRUSA speaks about a new technology

The engine experts from BRUSA speak shortly on the following two Events about an innovative Technology for electric motors with distributed winding:

Hybrid and Electric Drivetrains October 5th, 2015

Venue: Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

Speak by BRUSA: October 5th at 13.30pm, Speaker: Martin Breu, Product Group Manager drive


24th Aachen Colloquium October 5th to 7th, 2015

Venue: Eurogress Aachen,...

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Formula Student: Team success with BRUSA components

This year saw the Formula Student Germany (FSG) race for electrically powered cars take place on the Hockenheimring. The highlight of the Formula Student calendar With 39 all Electric teams  presenting themselves at registration.  BRUSA Elektronik AG  participated in this racing season as a sponsor  supplying the motors and inverters for  the cars of several teams. The Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Ravensburg and their team 'Global Formula...

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