Successful participation at the Silvretta E-Rally

From 3rd to 5th of July, the team BRUSA Elektronik AG/Kreisel Electric participated at the Silvretta E-Auto Rally in Montafon (Austria) and was successful in a high-profile electric car competition for the fourth consecutive time. The rally was competed in the vehicle of Kreisel Electric, in which the drive train components are provided by BRUSA. The team consisted of Markus Kreisel (Driver) Kreisel Electric and Martin Brea (Co – Driver) BRUSA Elektronik AG. By participating in this challenging rally through the Montafon Alps, BRUSA Elektronik AG shows every year that innovative technology  works very reliably under extreme conditions. The BMW 3 Touring with the drive train of BRUSA once again showed the competition what a strong partnership using the finest precision components is capable of.BRUSA's partner Kreisel Electric strives to use only the best components for their vehicles. The car has a battery capacity of 45 kWh and an electric range extender with additional 20 kWh which achieves a total range of 400 km. The BMW 3 Touring also features a sporty electric drive train with 120 kW peak power, which gives the car a top speed of 190 km/h.