BRUSA-drivetrain breaks world record

As part of the traditional three days kart race in Ischgl (Austria), the so-called Formula1 of the Alps with many prominent participants, an unusual world record attempt took place. From 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.45 seconds was the ambitious goal. The entire concept of the electric drive, including the high-performance battery solution for the go-kart comes from the high-end manufacturer of Kreisel Electric in Freistadt (Austria). The drive components, the motor and the inverter are powered by BRUSA. As a professional driver, the talented Caterham Formula 1 test pilot Frijns could be engaged. Frijns raved in glowing terms about the power dynamics of the Kreisel electric kart. The speed measurement quickly evolved into much more than just the intended break filling slot. The spectacular drive of the Formula 1 driver started a truly enthusiastic storm of interest.