BRUSA heads towards the sky

The EPOS+ electric aircraft by EVEKTOR is powered by a 75kW electric motor and a modular Lithium Polymer battery that allows up to 1 hour of continuous operation. Its maiden flight took place in March 2013 and proved to be a complete success.
A small but important part of the electric system is supplied by BRUSA: The well proven, universal NLG513 battery charger, which is famous for its rugged yet lightweight construction, along with safety and reliability. It is therefore the right choice to take care of the precious high performance battery of this aircraft, while making it easy to charge from any 100-240VAC mains outlet. Due to their flexibility and sophisticated functionality, BRUSA chargers are suitable for aircraft as well as cars, trucks, buses, yachts and many more applications.
The impressive advantages of light electric aircraft (lower operation cost, lower emissions, improved safety) make it very likely, that we will see many more of them in the sky in the not so distant future.