NLG667: 3x400 VAC/32 A, 700 VDC, 22 kW

Technical data

Input voltage range single-phase 200-250 V
Input voltage range three-phase 360-440 V
Max. input current three-phase (per Phase) 32 A
Input frequency (+/-1 %) 45...65 Hz
Output voltage at three-phase input 570-750 V
Max. charging current 35 A
Efficiency three-phase 94 %
Weight 12.0 kg

With the NLG6 series, BRUSA set another milestone in e-mobility: It’s the world’s first mass produced 22kW onboard charger. Due to its compact and lightweight design it fits everywhere, even in small city cars.

Galvanic isolation ensures electrical safety, while sophisticated electronics make up for high efficiency and silent operation. Flexible supply from single phase or three phase AC outlets of different power levels, along with precise regulation and power factor correction (PFC), ensure smooth and reliable operation. To achieve even higher charging power, which may be required in heavy duty utility vehicles, NLG6 chargers can be connected in parallel.

The NLG667 is at the B-sample stage.


  • Full separation of mains and HV battery through galvanic Isolation
  • High IP protection rating
  • Evaluation of external PT1000 sensors
  • Fully compliant with the LV123
  • Ground fault interrupter type A is sufficient due to reinforced insulation

Accessories NLG667