BDC546: 400 A, 150-750 V

Technical data

Voltage range for full performance Highside 150-750 V
Voltage range for full performance lowside 50-600 V
Max. current lowside +/-400 A
Continuous current lowside +/-300 A
Voltage range control circuit 9-16 V
Continuous output power (@ ULS = 600 V) 180 kW
Efficiency 98,9 %
IP-protection IP6K6, IP6K7
Control CAN
Cooling system Watercooled
Weight (without coolant) 25.2 kg

The BDC546 is mainly conceived for fuel cell applications, in which it acts as a link between fuel cell, HV battery and drive. Due to its wide voltage range the BDC546 is primarily designed for use in high-performance drives, such as fuel cell buses. The BDC546 can also be used in test bench applications or in combination with stationary transformers as a powerful DC fast charger.

Generally, the BDC546 can be used anywhere, where very high power must be transferred between different voltage levels. By means of the DC/DC converter, the high-side voltage and the voltage on the fuel cell side can be controlled, and thus the inertia of the fuel cell system can be compensated.

Due to the bidirectionality the fuel cell units can selectively become activated. The system has excellent flexibility so that customers can implement other control functions.

The BDC546 is at the B-sample stage.


  • Very high efficiency (up to 99%)
  • Very high power density (12 kW/l)
  • Patented Liquid Pin© cooling system for optimal temperature behavior and performance
  • Fully automotive compliant
  • Adjustable regulators facilitate the implementation in a wide variety of applications
The BDC546 is a bi-directional DC/DC converter with common minus for highside and lowside. This DC/DC converter is realized with the resonant switching topology SoftSwing®. With this technology virtually no switching losses are generated and together with the soft commutation, the EMC-bavior is significantly improved.

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