BSC614: 125 A, 220-450 V, 24 V

Technical data

Voltage range HV 220-450 V
Nominal voltage LV 28.0 V
Voltage range LV 16-32 V
Continuous current LV 100 A
Max. current LV 125 A
Continuous power buck mode 2.8 kW
Max. power buck mode 3.5 kW
Efficiency 96.0 %
Ambient temperature range in operation -40 to +85 °C
Cooling system Liquid cooled
IP-protection IP65
Weight 4.8 kg

The BSC614-24 V is a bidirectional DC/DC converter with galvanic isolation between the high voltage and the low voltage circuit. It is particularly suitable for use in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. In buck mode the 24 V wiring system is supplied from the HV side with a current up to 125 A. Due to the bidirectionality and its versatile configuration options, the BSC614-24 V has a wide range of applications.

The bidirectional operation offers additional functions. In fuel cell applications it allows to start-up the fuel cell auxiliary circuits on the HV side right from the 24 V supply system. During the boost mode, the BSC614-24 V is capable of an emergency recharge of the traction battery via common jump start cable.

The BSC614-24 V is at the A-sample stage.


  • Bidirectional operation
  • Fully galvanic isolation between HV- and LV-circuit
  • Resonant topology ensures very low switching losses and excellent EMC behavior
  • Very high efficiency (96%)
  • Very compact and light design
  • PARAM tool offers comprehensive configuration options and diagnostic function
  • CAN-bus controlled by default
  • Optional operation without CAN (CAN-less mode)
The device is based on a transformer stage working in a serial resonant manner, by means of which the galvanic isolation is realised. Furthermore, by means of two buck/boost converters working in a geared mode for the purpose of ripple reduction, the desired voltage can be set in the respective operating mode. With the resonant topology of the transformer stage and the auto commutation of the buck/boost converter, losses can be limited to a minimum and excellent EMC properties can be achieved. During the development of the device, a compact, vibration-resistant and light-weight construction was prioritised in order to enable the usage in almost all applications and installation locations.

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