DMC524: 100 kW, 300 A

Technical data

Max. power 105 kW
Continuous power 79 kW
Periodic cycle with max. current 30 s 100 %, 90 s 50 % 300 A
Continuous RMS current (I ACcont) 225 A
Range HV - input voltage for operation 120 - 450 V
Min. HV - input voltage for full current output 200 V
Ambient temperature range for operation -40 to +85 °C
Efficiency 97 %
Weight 9.5 kg

The DMC524 inverter is a universal inverter which can be used to drive different three phase motors. The power output stage is based on the most capable, resonant SoftSwing® topology which  has been developed and patented by BRUSA Elektronik AG. SoftSwing® topology achieves minimal switching losses. Through this, the use of applications with motor frequencies of up to 2 kHz is possible. With its very compact and easy installation method, the DMC524 inverter is suitable for practically any application.

The DMC524 is at the prequalified B-sample stage.


  • Resonant SoftSwing® topology for minimal switching losses
  • Patented Liquid Pin© cooling system for optimal temperature behaviour and best performance
  • Individual programmable motor tables for control of electric motors
  • Prepared design for ISU - integration according to ISO26262 (optional)
    ISU = Inverter Safety Unit (ASIL - C suitable)
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