Double Offset Traction Drive DTDO1

Technical data

Type double axle drive
Max. motor torque up to 2 x 500 Nm
Max. output torque up to 2 x 2760 Nm
Gear ratio 1:5,5
System weight (2 x Motor HSM1 with GD613) 148 kg
Additional functions Parking lock, torque Vectoring
Safety prepared for ASIL C/D

Together with GETRAG, we have developed a specially adapted double gearbox for our drive motors, which meets the highest demands. By the combination of two motors with only one gearbox, a unique high performance drivetrain is accomplished. A mechanical parking lock is already integrated.

In combination with GETRAG gearboxes, BRUSA drives always ensure a perfect torque transmission where its needed. In combination with our high performance inverters, which can provide the best performance through its patented SoftSwing® topology, very demanding scenarios like all-wheel drive and torque vectoring are possible.

The drivetrain unit DTDO1 is at the A-sample stage.

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