HSM1-10.18.04: 51 kW, 98 Nm

Technical data

With inverter DMC514 at 400 VDC
Nominal speed 4'600 rpm
Continuous torque 52 Nm
Max. torque (at max. inverter current) 98 Nm
Continuous power 28 kW
Max. power 51 kW
Max. speed 13'000 rpm
Efficiency 95 %
Weight 26.0 kg

The HSM1 offers a high and continuous starting torque. From a speed of approximately 4'500 rpm on the motor it offers constant performance and maximum speed. Therefore it is ideally suited for small electric vehicles or motorcycles to achieve a high start acceleration and high top speeds with no gearbox. Furthermore, this motor is very suitable for range extender applications.

The HSM1-10.18.04 is at the A-sample stage.


  • High power- and torque/weight ratio
  • Minimal drag losses
  • Minimal torque fluctuations
  • Constant power over a very high speed range
  • Optimally matched to the motor inverters available
  • Intrinsically safe:
    Induced voltage at max. speed and passive inverter 520 V.
  • The HSM1-10.18.04 is optionally available with the gearbox GSO1.
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