HSM1-10.18.22: 220 kW, 460 Nm

Technical data

With inverter DMC544 at 400 VDC
Nominal speed 4'500 rpm
Continuous torque 270 Nm
Max. torque (at max. inverter current) 440 Nm
Continuous power (ECE R85) at 25 °C 135 kW
Max. Power 210 kW
Max. Speed 12'000 rpm
Typ. Efficiency 96 %
IP Protection IP67
Weight 76.0 kg
Dimensions 344 x 328 x 292 mm

The HSM1-10.18.22 is characterized by a very high continuous and peak power, making it ideally suited for commercial or performance vehicles. From a speed of 4'400 rev / min, the motor provides constant power to maximum speed and a very high efficiency over a wide speed and torque range.

The HSM1-10.18.22 is at the A-sample stage.


  • Designed for truck and bus applications with increased torque and power requirements
  • Very high continuous power
  • High efficiency over a wide speed and torque range
  • Consistent performance over a speed range
  • Cost perspective through the use of low magnetic material and through the fully industrialized laminated core punching tool
  • High power and torque density
  • Minimal drag losses
  • Intrinsically safe (max. voltage induced little short moment and minimum short-circuit current) 
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