DMC544: 200 kW, 600 A

Technical specifications

LV input voltage for operation (ISO16750) 12 V
HV range – input voltage for operation with max. electricity 250-450 V
Continuous current RMS (I ACcont) 350 A
Max current RMS (I ACmax) 600 A
Ambient temperature range during operation -40 to +85 ° C
Cooling water temperature range at the entrance -20 to +60 ° C
Type. Efficiency 97 %
IP protection IP67
Weight 15.3 k


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The DMC544 is the most powerful inverter from BRUSA. It can be used to control different types of motors. The power output stage is based on the highly efficient, resonant SoftSwing® topology, which was developed and patented by BRUSA Elektronik AG. The SoftSwing ® -Topology achieves minimal switching losses. This enables use in applications with motor frequencies of up to 2 kHz. Due to its very compact and lightweight design, the DMC544 is suitable for almost all applications and predestined for use in high-performance drives.

The DMC544 converter is located in the a sample status.


  • Resonant SoftSwing ® -Topology for minimal switching losses and above-average good EMC properties
  • Patented liquid pin © -Cooling system for optimal temperature behavior and best performance
  • Individually parameterizable motor tables for controlling electric motors

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