Technical specifications

With converter DMC544 at 400 VDC
Rated speed 4’600 rpm
Permanent moment 270 Nm
Max. torque (at max. Converter current) 440 Nm
Continuous power (S1) at 25 ° C 128 kW
Continuous power (ECE R85) at 25 ° C 135 kW
Max. power 210 kW
Max. number of revolutions 10’800 rpm
Typical efficiency 96 %
IP protection IP67
Weight 73.1 kg
Dimensions 344 x 328 x 292 mm


The HSM1-10.18.22 is characterized by a very high continuous and peak performance, which makes it ideal for commercial vehicles or high-performance vehicles. From a speed of 4’600 rpm, the motor offers constant power up to maximum speed and a very high level of efficiency over a wide speed and torque range.

The HSM1-10.18.22 is located in the A sample status .


  • Developed for truck and bus applications or for applications with increased torque and power requirements.
  • Very high continuous output.
  • High efficiency over a wide speed and torque range.
  • Constant performance over a wide speed range.
  • Good cost prospects due to the use of little magnetic material and the fully industrialized sheet metal core punching tool.
  • High power and torque density.
  • Minimal drag losses.
  • Intrinsically safe (max. Induced voltage, small short circuit torque and minimum short circuit current).


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