Technical specifications

With inverter DMC544 at 400 VDC
Nominal speed 3’600 rpm
Continuous torque 130 Nm
Max. torque (at max. inverter current) 320 Nm
Continuous power (acc. S1) at 25 °C 70 kW
Continuous power (acc. ECE R85) at 25 °C 74 kW
Max. power 120 kW
Max. speed 12’000 rpm
Typical efficiency 96%
IP – protection class IP67
Weight (dry) 51.5 kg


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The HSM1 is characterized by a high and constant starting torque from zero speed. From a speed of 3’600 rpm, the motor offers continuous power up to maximum speed. It is therefore ideally suited for electric vehicles that need to achieve high initial acceleration as well as high final speeds without a manual gearbox.


  • High power density
  • Minimal torque ripple
  • Minimal drag losses
  • Constant power and high efficiency over a wide speed range
  • Intrinsically safe (induced voltage at max. speed and passive inverter < 500 VDC)
  • Low short circuit torque
  • The HSM1-6.17.12 is optionally available with different gearbox types

The HSM1-6.17.12 is in B-sample status

If you are interested, please contact sales@brusa.biz