Security Incident Reporting Form

A security incident report form is an official document that contains all the information about an incident that is being reported. An incident report should outline the different events regarding the event and recommends actions to be taken in the future to avoid the recurrence of the incident.

When an incident occurs, the first thing to do is to write down the basic facts as soon as possible, no matter what the incident. This is helpful to remember all the things that happened in the situation. After the incident is being attended to or has been resolved, an incident report must be written right away. The report should be sent in at most 48 hours after the incident happened. Writing the incident as soon as possible with the memory still vivid in your mind can make your report more accurate to the incident that happened.

After narrating the whole incident, conclude your report by suggesting proactive measures to be taken to avoid the incident from reoccurring. When writing the report keep the language of your report formal. Use proper punctuation and capitalization.

Attach documents or files relating to the incident to your report.